Our focus is working with the executive teams of technology start-ups and service providers to understand their operations and challenges and help accelerate their business success. We're proud to work with leading businesses including:

Mark Carnegie, Principal-M.H. Car

M.H Carnegie We have worked with David and his team on a project both here and overseas. The energy they brought to the company accelerated its growth plans to the point where it changed the outlook materially. We are going to make a lot more money as a result of having his firm involved.

Laura Riston, Regional Manager

NTT Dave provides valuable experience and insights that have helped me develop my engagement with both my team and customers.

Michael Traill

Purpose Infrastructure Fund. The work of Dave D’Aprano at D2 has been powerful and practical in one of our tech portfolio investees.  Unlike the usual business consulting breed, Dave brings the nous and experience from his own successful career to focus on not just smart strategy but the most important piece – how to implement it.

Joe D'Addio, CEO

MOQ Digital. The D2A team have significant capability and extensive experience. We have engaged D2A to help us with a range of specialist services to complement our own capability and capacity with key selected MOQ Digital clients. D2A add great value to our business.

Frank Arena, CEO

Cube Networks. Dave has provided our executive team the support we needed to focus on our strategic plan.  We were finding our ability to balance strategic and operational priorities challenging whilst we had a clear vision, Dave helped us focus, track and measure our efforts to achieve this.  Dave has drawn on his extensive experience to help us create methodologies that has provided clarity in creating, tracking and measuring goals.

Brad Lorge, Managing Director

Premonition.IO. D2 has had a transformative impact upon Premonition; they have transformed how we sell and deliver to customers, in a way that made sense for where our business is today. Their experience and methodology helped us frame and solve some of the biggest problems impacting our growth.

Mark Buckly, CEO

Vantage Systems. D2 & Associates dedicated management consulting practice and wealth of industry experience has been invaluable for Vantage’s next stage, helping buy, build, and integrate business that deliver results.

Greg Rudakov,  Startup Entrepreneur

Device Desk. D2 & Associates were instrumental in developing a pragmatic sales strategy which helped drive us to profitability and into a new growth phase.

Matthew Fisherman, COO

Bodycare Workplace Solutions. As a service-based business, we lacked the knowledge and expertise to transition to a SaaS based model. We had the idea, but struggled to move past that first step. D2A provided us with the tools, framework and guidance to take what was a dream and make it reality. From building a team, pricing models to invaluable product knowledge, D2A were an integral part of our journey.