From strategy to execution We help leaders understand how to change and grow their business to succeed in today's changing world. Our areas of focus include:


Development, Review & Execution

We use our practical expertise to help clients:

  • Critically evaluate  current strategy

  • Develop an executable strategy to deliver on the vision

  • Define how best to execute the strategy

  • Build out an execution plan


 Raising & Investor Relations

D2 & Associates have helped clients:

  • Determine how to obtain and extend funding

  • Develop a business and investment case

  • Connect with the right investors

  • Manage Investor Relations


& Value Proposition

We'll help you establish clarity around each component of your offer, the value it presents and how best to convey that value to the client.


We've helped clients to:

  • Build a unique value proposition

  • Ensure the product and services portfolio will deliver on the value proposition

  • Improve product management


Structure & Performance

We have the insight and experience to guide the structure, approach and performance of your team

We have helped clients:

  • Increase major opportunity win rate

  • Attract and develop sales talent

  • Improve their pipeline and opportunity management


Delivery Optimisation

We'll help you refine your approach to services and enable you to build a strong mature services practice. 


We have helped our clients:

  • Improve the delivery of core services

  • Increase client satisfaction

  • Improve the profitability of their services division


Policies & Procedures

Keeping on top of who is responsible for what and making sure the rules are followed requires expertise, objectivity and authority. 

We have helped our clients:

  • Improve financial controls

  • Understand and implement the right governance model for their business

  • Improve performance measurement and visibility across their business