Don't forget the basics

Updated: Mar 12

Every week we hear of another advance in technology and it’s easy to get caught up in the hype. Advances in tools and tech enhance our existing abilities but it’s important to remember that a solid foundation requires mastery of the basics.

I was reminded of this when watching Roger Federer in the tennis recently. I’m sure Roger enjoys the latest advances in racquet design and sports psychology but I’d say it’s his mastery of the basic skills that accounts for his continuing success. The technology enhances his mastery but it is the superb foundation of basic skills that makes him a champion. He may have been gifted to start with, but I think everyone recognises Roger’s commitment to practise those skills has built him an enviable advantage.

The same applies in any endeavour – a solid foundation of skills and the dedication to practise them accounts for much success. In business, we now have all manner of sales-enablement technologies and account management apps but it would be foolish to concentrate on those at the expense of mastering the basic skills in sales. Use the technology to enhance your game but remember it’s your mastery of the skills that will make you a champion.

Just ask Roger.

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